Business Clean Up

A Business Clean Up is a great way to:

  • Make a difference by helping us deliver lasting environmental change.
  • Be seen supporting your community in its attempt to clean up Australia.
  • Increase team cohesion via a low-cost team building exercise.
  • Fulfill your corporate social responsibilities.

We provide materials and support

Participating in a Clean Up as a business need not take long.

  • Get your staff involved and choose a location that they would like to see cleaned up.
  • Register a site and nominate a supervisor.
  • Spent two hours at that site (or longer if you would like) on a day that suits you and feel proud that you have made a difference.
  • Send us your rubbish report.

Registering a Business Clean Up Site

Prior to registering you will need to: 
  • Think of a name for your site
  • Be able to define its location eg South side of Cooks River from Wardell Road to Illawarra Road.
  • Pick a date and time range
  • Have your credit card handy (cost of business registration is $150 plus GST per site)
  • Identify a site supervisor and have his/her mobile number
  • Have emergency contact for the site supervisor (name and number) 
  • Decide if you can dispose of collected rubbish via your normal waste channels. If not, you will need to make alternative arrangements. Your local council may be able to help. If you need details for the person to contact at your local council call/email Wendy Chapman  02 8197 3408

Site Supervisor’s Responsibilities

Prior to Clean Up Day
  • Read our Site Guide and follow safety instructions in it.
  • Inspect the site if you have not already done so. Identify any potential hazards.  
  • If you are expecting more than 10 volunteers, it is advisable to complete our risk assessment form to ensure you have considered all safety issues.
  • Promote your Clean Up within your organisation. Resources to help you with this will be available here soon.
  • Organise equipment. Refer to our Site Guide. We will supply you with a starter kit which includes:
    • 10 large bags (half for recycling and half for general rubbish)
    • 10 pairs of gloves
    • 1 supervisor's vest
    • 1 face mask
    • 1 sharps container
    • Hand sanitiser


On the Day
You will need to ensure that you follow the procedures outlined in the Site Guide. You will need the following paperwork:
  • Volunteer Registration (we encourage to use our QR Code Digital Registration rather than the paper form)
  • Risk Warning Poster
  • Accident and Incident Form
  • End of Clean up Report
All of these can be found below.