This Valentine’s Day, go out and hug a tree.

Roses are red, Trees are green
Nothing says love like keeping your favourite date spot clean.

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Clean Up Australia! In the spirit of the day, we thought we’d give you some lastminute eco-friendly gift and date ideas that are perfect for the environmentally conscious person in your life

…Because how can love be in the air when it’s polluted?

Surprise your loved one with an engraved keep cup or reusable bottle.

Not only will they be impressed by your environmental conscious gift but the engraving will give you the perfect opportunity to declare your Eco-friendly love. Engravings like: ‘I’ll never leaf you’, ‘I love you like I love clean waterways’ or ‘You warm my heart and CO2 emissions are warming the oceans’, will surely ‘woo’ the love of your life.

Choose a scenic spot for a minimal-waste picnic.

There’s nothing quite like a beach-side picnic to ensure that romance blooms this Valentine’s Day. Choose a spot close to a recycling station and bask in the beauty of a waste-free environment that you’re helping to maintain. And why not splurge on some beeswax food wraps and preserve both those chocolate-dipped strawberries and the beautiful landscape you’re enjoying. Who needs individually wrapped heart candies anyway?

Don’t forget to keep the romance going at home by setting aside some time to recycle that wrapping paper, compost those flowers, and potentially regift that build-a-bear you didn’t really want anyway. Nothing says romance like reusable goods and a perfectly sorted recycling bin.

If you’re stuck for some last minute gifts, make sure to head over to Clean Up Australia’s online store. That way, you’ll be giving a little love to both the environment, and your partner, this Valentine’s Day.